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Tips on Writing a Great Bibliography

Tips on Writing a Great Bibliography

Tips on Writing a Great Bibliography

Tips on Writing a Great Bibliography

As we have seen, APA rules have made it possible for students to use the style for their annotated bibliographies and give them a good kick in the pants. This technique stands to reason because it preserves the student’s word count. This means that you can give the teacher only a few pages on the bibliography with the annotations, thus saving you the maximum word count.

Keep in mind that the reasons why annotated bibliographies were developed is to ensure that different sections of the paper have no direct or indirect association with each other. This, in turn, protects the academic freedom that is guaranteed for all students. It also means that the teacher can only find pertinent information to understand your work and assign it to you.

Structuring Your Annotations

As you undoubtedly have gathered by this point, you are probably struggling with writing your paper. In the end, it is vital to realize that an annotated bibliography becomes a link between the reader and your work.

The words that you write here will affect the perception of the teacher about your work. Therefore, ensure that you use great prose and give a clear message and purpose of your writing. Remember, it is in writing that your teacher gets to get to know your weaknesses and strengths. As such, you must make sure that every section of your annotated bibliography gives an added bit of insight and purpose to your work. However, ensure that these ideas are relevant and not merely reposted titles from other authors.

The best way to formulate a good annotated bibliography is by doing a paragraph-by-paragraph analysis of your work. It would be best if you made sure that every aspect of your document has its purpose and that everything ties together with the objective of the paper.

The way you do this is, as you would do an introduction. This is where you introduce your work in great detail. All the above elements apply. The main difference here is that you only have the chance to list your weak points.

By the time you conclude your paragraph, you will have given all your supporting pieces. An annotated bibliography works in a similar manner. Here, you have to give reasons why your work is good and the reasons why it should be acknowledged.

This helps show the teacher that you realize the significance of the content that you are writing about and are on a mission to contribute something to the subject. Therefore, it means that you want to earn the respect of your teacher and get a top score that way.

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