To do the thesis there is only one way (motivational)

To do the thesis there is only one way: discipline, hard work and dedication

Do you want to do the thesis? Stop looking for excuses and start writing it.

Day after day. Start by establishing a schedule of strict compliance.

Be appalled by the subject. Give it determination. Increase your will You’ll see that ideas will flow like that.

Finish your thesis is in you and only in you. The power to achieve it or keep putting it off is in you, nobody can take it away from you.

Think about it, why when you could write 5 pages on Sunday, did you prefer to watch a series on Netflix? Why, instead of advancing in the theoretical framework, did you prefer a 1-hour nap in broad daylight?

Believe me, everything is in you, you can finish your thesis if you really propose it. You have how to do it.

If you have more than a year in that, stop! How far do you plan to postpone it? Why do other fools than you have? You do not need a special talent to do the thesis, it requires a change in your attitude.

Do not think that you are going to invent the wheel or find out if there is life on Mars, no! This is just your degree work. Change the world comes later.

When you understand that all this depends on you, you will say: “Hey, the power is in my hands, I have to achieve it”.

There are obstacles in the way, that is known. But those difficulties can not stop you or delay your degree.

Your advisor does not answer your emails, hassle it to exhaustion. Finally, it’s your grade. You correct the introduction, rewrite it with what you are asked for. You do not master APA Standards, hire an expert. There is always a solution!

Just when you feel that your eyes are tired of reading or that your hands are tired of writing, you say: “Yes I can, one more”.

Because just when you give up, another colleague is doing 2 more pages. While you go to sleep and say that it is already good and it is enough; another could be just beginning to make his ideas flow in his thesis.

The world is collaborative, but also competitive, while you postpone the thesis, another is advancing and after a while, the job or the promotion that was waiting for you, will have another owner.

We are talking about will, we are not talking about how smart you are or how much you know how to write, we are talking about responsibility and commitment to your self.

It is a mentality, when you want to finish your thesis how to breathe, it means that you are willing to make any sacrifice and all that is necessary.

When you are at that point, I guarantee that you will start the schedule and sooner or later you will have your diploma in hand.