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Why Are College Applications So Long?

Why Are College Applications So Long?

Why Are College Applications So Long?

Why Are College Applications So Long?

Some colleges admit students who have good academic qualifications but do not meet the required GPA requirements. These students are known as understudies, and that is why they submit a long essay. The length of an application essay is a reflection of the academic standard and the people being admitted.

Why Is the Length of an Admission Essay Important?

The admission essay is one of the most significant parts of an application. The length of the essay determines if the students will qualify for the course they are applying for, or not.

What is the GPA Requirement for Admission?

Even if you are a great student, you may still not make it if your GPA is not high enough. This is why colleges will require students to write their admission essay. You can get your official GPA results by going to your college’s athletic department and getting a certified copy for them. It is not required but recommended.

What Length Does an Admission Essay Need?

Before they can commence with the actual writing process of a college essay, many students are asked to provide a brief description of themselves as well as their goals for attending that particular institution. The length of the admission essay is considered crucial as it helps the colleges gauge interest in a particular college. The length is determined by the style and format the committee is using.

The length of an admission essay is not the only factor considered. For example, the SAT and ACT also play a significant role in determining the caliber of applicants you will get an opportunity to go through. The best way to ensure your essay is not too long is to focus on writing a powerful introduction that hooks the reader’s interest.

Writing the College Essay

Once you have understood the importance of the length of your essay, the next step is to start writing the application essay. You need to be keen on the content of the essay as you can only have a satisfactory paper if it is thought-provoking.

Here are some strategies to help you write a great essay that will impress the admission board;

  1. Do not be tempted to introduce a new point in your paper
  2. Keep your sentences short and straight
  3. The introduction is essential as it makes the reader want more
  4. Use your arguments to back up your points
  5. Focus on enhancing your writing skills by using examples

The trick to delivering a useful college essay is to do all that you can to ensure it is informative and is well-structured. Your college essay will play a significant role in determining whether you will attend the college or not. Therefore, ensure you focus on delivering a quality document.

Lastly, read widely to find out what other students are doing when writing college essays. You can then take some of these tips and apply them to your own paper.

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